Handheld Sprayers

Zen Bidet features an every-growing list of handheld sprayers. All our products are made of quality 403 stainless steel to ensure durability. They also come with extra long hoses to make them versatile; you could use them as a bidet, pet shower, cloth diaper washer, or kitchen sink sprayer. Most of our hand-helds are dual function; soft, and jet.

Hand held sprayers are ideal for bathrooms that don’t have enough room next to the toilet to install a toilet seat attachment or for those who are left handed.

Zen Bidet Fuentes – 300 Dual Function (Soft / Jet) Stainless Steel Hand Held Toilet Sprayer | Cloth Diaper Washer | Complete Bidet Sprayer Kit.

Cascada-350 handheld bidet with sink faucet diverter and aerator. Extra long stainless steel hose. One year warranty.

We also offer a wide range of accessories to ensure that our product will work for your plumbing. Whether you need a different size T-connector, a longer hose, or any replacement parts, we’ll be happy to assist with that.


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